About us

Brian Pittwood and Michael Brett both left much larger practices in the early 1990s to start up their own firms.

Both came through comprehensive training programmes within strong mid-tier local firms that have since been swallowed up by big national and international businesses. These “second tier” firms in the 1980’s were an excellent place to gain experience of personal, corporate and capital taxation as well as getting to know how the smallest of businesses run, whilst still being heavily involved with the complexities of the audits of branches and subsidiaries of multinational companies. The true general practice accountant seems to be something of a dying breed now that larger firms are encouraging early specialisation for their trainees.

Many firms talk of servicing the needs of the “OMB’s” (Owner Managed Businesses) but fewer provide affordable services in this market place. Perhaps the market itself has been ill defined as there is still apparently a prevailing belief within larger organisations (accountancy and others) that OMB’s are typically companies with tens of millions of pounds in terms of turnover, and employee numbers running into several hundreds. Brett Pittwood is happy to deal with such companies at the larger end of our spectrum of clients but we are also involved with very many much smaller businesses owned and run by ordinary people.

In order to keep ourselves in touch with a new generation of business proprietors, we have recently welcomed on board two new “home grown” partners, Phil Polden and Mark Robinson both trained with the firm and are now part of the senior team ensuring that we move with the times and provide continuity of service to clients for many years to come.